We welcome all residential and commercial business clients. However, we specialize in large facilities such as:

  • Commercial, Hotel, Home Fitness Gyms
  • Karate, Yoga, Dance, Pilates Studios
  • Gymnastics and Cheerleading Facilities
  • Beauty Salons, Spas, Bathrooms

We sign on private contractors throughout the country to transport and install your mirrors. These select contractors are trained specifically by our company, to make sure every mirror is installed to our standards.

We can drill out holes for electrical outlets and light switches on site. Each receptacle must be at least 12” from any edge of the mirror. There is a labor charge of $45 for each receptacle in a junction box. Straight cuts through the width or height of the mirror are also done on-site. One straight length-wise and one straight width-wise cut is included.

No. However, the mirrors are very large and heavy. The installers will always try to safely get the mirror into the space in one piece. If this is not possible, the installer will be forced to cut the mirror down in size. Our standard procedure involves cutting the 1 – 6’x8’ mirror into 2 – 6’x4’ mirrors. The 6’x4’ mirrors are much more capable of getting through most tight spaces. When the 2 mirrors arrive at their destined mounting place, they will be mounted next to each other with a vertical seam in the middle to recreate a 6’x8’ mirror.

Because of our nationwide status, delivery time can vary from state to state. On average, delivery can range from 1-6 weeks. When you are placing an order we will give you an estimated time of delivery for your area. And, you can click here to see an estimated delivery range for your area!

You can get a free, instant estimate by clicking here, you can call us at 1-800-473-0619 or you can email us. All estimates are free without obligation. Give us your measurements, and we will deliver the appropriate amount of mirror. All cutting is done on site, so your measurements don’t have to be exact.

We accept major credit cards and cash. We require a 50% deposit for orders over $1,200. Any remaining balance is due upon the arrival of our install team before work begins. No checks will be accepted.