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Upfront pricing

Don’t deal with the hassle of excessive hidden fees. Below are the prices you will expect to see when our technicians get to your facility. They really are a better value than any of our competitors.

Custom Sizing

Did you know that we will cut our mirrors to fit your needs? Whatever size requirements you might have, we’re happy to work with you to provide the best mirror at the best price.

Mirror Panel

6' Tall x 8' Wide
$ 399
  • Free Delivery
  • Installation Included
  • Free Resizing

Pricing breakdown

6’x8′ Mirror (Delivered Only)$299.00
Install Materials$45.00
Installation (Per Mirror)$100.00
Remnant Installation$50.00
Ballet Barre$75.00
Receptacle Drill-out (outlet/switch)*$45.00
Delivery with InstallationFree

*Price is per receptacle in a junction box. All receptacles must be at least 12″ from any edge of mirror if we are cutting for them.

Mirror Pricing Chart

Free Resizing

6’ x 8′ too big?

Mirrors can be cut down to the size you need

5×7, 4×6, 3×5…


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